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                        Links to other comMIt materials online.

The following MI materials are the result of an ongoing partnership between comMIt and The Physician's Institute for Excellence in Medicine (the research and training arm of the Medical Association of Georgia).  PIEM has not only facilitated yearly comMIt workshops in Atlanta but also has championed the use of MI in reducing patient resistance to smoking cessation and adult vaccination.  The following MI materials are made available by national partnerships involving PIEM and several other healthcare organizations. 

We owe special thanks to Bob Addleton and Adele Cohen of PIEM for their tireless work, ongoing support and personal friendship.


     This free CME activity is composed of a 2½ hour introduction to MI recorded by Bruce Berger at a CS2day MI training event in 2011.  You must register to view the 10 modules in this presentation and receive CME credit.  There is also a downloadable PowerPoint slide deck of the presentation.  The content presented in these 10 modules is coordinated with the PowerPoint slide decks and the example videos available in the link to Cease Smoking 2day found below.


     This link provides access to a wealth of MI training materials focusing on the use of MI in smoking cessation.  These materials were developed for Train the Trainers events sponsored by CS2day in 2011. 

     Among the available resources are six videos of Bruce presenting the same introduction to MI as in the previous link to the Doctors' Channel but without the CME credit. 

   (allow 10 seconds to load)

     There are also two PowerPoint slide decks explaining the use of MI when counseling patients about smoking cessation.  The first slide deck is for Bruce's presentation and the second slide deck is for a supplemental presentation by Bill Villaume that was not videotaped.  
     Finally, a series of videotaped roleplays with six different patients illustrates the difference between MI and traditional directive counseling.  The interaction with each patient is roleplayed twice.  The first roleplay illustrates the problematic interaction that occurs when traditional directive counseling is used. In contrast, the second roleplay illustrates the use of MI with the same patient. 


     This link focuses on the use of MI to address the resistance of adult patients to being vaccinated.  There are five MI videos available on this page.

     The first MI video is a very simple 20 minute introduction by Bill Villaume to the use of MI when counseling adult patients about getting vaccinated.

     The second and third MI videos are roleplayed interactions with a patient who is resistant to getting a flu shot as recommended by her physician.  The first roleplay illustrates how the use of normal persuasive techniques can reinforce the patient's resistance to getting a flu shot.  The second roleplay illustrates how MI can be used to address the same patient's resistance so that the patient is more likely to consider getting the flu shot.

     The final two videos illustrate the use of MI with patients who are resistant to a recommended Zoster vaccination and pneumococcal vaccination.


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