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                                  ComMIt Training Workshops

We developed ComMIt specifically to meet the unique needs of health care professionals (HCPs) learning MI.  No other MI program uses sense making and practical reasoning at its foundation to clearly explain the unique synergistic effects of MI in producing better health outcomes.

ComMIt is offered in several different ways.

1.  A 1-4 hour overview of MI and how our approach to MI works.
This is not a training program.  It is a lecture based introduction to our conceptualization of MI with slides, many health care applications, and example videos to stimulate audience participation and discussion.

2.  An 8-16 hour end user training program.
We have studied hundreds of hours of video tapes of health care providers with standardized patients in order to refine this program to pinpoint areas where health care providers have the most difficulties in helping patients move toward health.  A minimum of 8 hours is recommended for a basic understanding and application of MI skills.  The one day programs can accommodate 50 trainees with one facilitator.  We believe in immersing participants in MI skills with a great deal of feedback so that these skills can be internalized.  We use a graduated approach to immersion (based upon adult learning theory), starting with low risk group work and activities during the 8 hour program and progressing to individual role playing with expert feedback during the second day of the 16 hour program.  We have found that If HCPs are placed in role-playing situations too quickly before cognitive understanding and other skills are internalized, they become frustrated, fearful and do not learn. Without expert feedback, internalization is also very low.  Consequently, during the second day of training, participants are broken down into groups of ten with one expert facilitator assigned to each group so that every role play will get guided and structured feedback from the small group plus feedback from the expert facilitator. 

3.  A 24 hour Train the trainers program. 
This program has the 16 hour program at its core and then adds 8 more hours of training on a third day.  This third day focuses upon the specific pedagogical issues associated with each component in the 2 day comMIt program and requires participants to demonstrate the ability to facilitate all of the program components and exercises.  Again, there is one expert facilitator per ten trainees.

4.  Follow-up consultation.
We also provide follow up consultation for 2-3 day program participants that can be done on the phone in 90 minute increments.  These sessions focus on successes, difficulties and/or problems that participants continue to encounter during patient interactions.  These sessions can be used to examine taped conversations with patients (de-identified) for feedback after training.

1.  We can deliver keynote addresses and present introductions to MI at your conference or convention.

2.  You can attend our 1-3 day workshops held at various times and locations through the year.  The workshops for 2014 have yet to be finalized. Check back for announcements of these workshops on this website.

2.  We can come to your site to conduct any of our 1-3 day training programs.  This option is often considerably less expensive than sending multiple participants to our workshops in Atlanta. 

Rates vary according to length of the program and number of participants.  Please contact Bruce Berger for further information.